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educational preschool kids games 



DOG&FROG is more than a learning apps. It's a whole interactive platform.


It promotes the intellectual and emotional development in children, enriches vocabulary, and develops communication skills.


Kids games are made with participation of psychologists specializing in pre-school aged children, for doing activities with parents or independently.



"Must have!

This is a very well made children's app. I love all of the graphics and fun music. It really keeps my kiddos entertained! They play with funny veggies everyday!"



This is truly an awesome app for kids! There is a lot of interesting and educational interactions! A child must think and do something to achieve anything! Love it!"


"Quality children's app!

I only keep a handful of apps on my iPad for the kiddos. This is not one I would delete! Myself and the kids love it! It's very entertaining and I know my kids are learning and having fun at the same time! This definitely comes highly recommended by us! ;)"



We were on a long roadtrip with the kids tho played with this the whole time. They couldn't pay attention to anything else, only to this game. This game has been the topic to talk about ever since. Nice stuff, and it actually taught a thing or two for the little ones! Highly recommended".